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Life Transformation Coach

If you are eager to transform your life and become the person of your dreams – super successful and happy in all aspects, I am able to equip you with the tools to bring this to fruition!

My name is Juan and I am a Life Transformation Therapy Practitioner, Life Coach, Transpersonal Therapy Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Researcher and Light Worker practising in The Western Cape, South Africa. I also administrate a Life Transformation Research Organisation, Connecting The Dots.


My passion is assisting people with personal development and healing. There has always been an awareness that life has more in store than mere day to day existence…that there is much more to life than what society regarded as the norm. This realisation became a driving force to acquire more knowledge about the hidden inner qualities that is within all of us…those higher qualities that are hidden from our normal consciousness. It was this inner force that prompted me to research this aspect of life and it led to the discovery of what the Self is, to raise the level of human consciousness and to implement this in the lives of clients.
My success lies is in my ability to remove repressed negative emotions and limiting beliefs and to equip clients with the tools to self-exploration, to transform their lives, to raise their level of consciousness and to live up to their ultimate potential.

I can do the same for you!


B. A. Philosophy (Metaphysics)
B.A. Honours (Psychological Counselling)
Dip. Existential Psychology (Logotherapy)
Dip. Transpersonal Psychology
asters Transformation Coach
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner
Life Coach


Personal Growth & Development
Trauma Counselling
Anxiety and Stress Elimination
Self-Esteem and Self Confidence Therapy
Negative Emotional Therapy
Transpersonal Therapy
Holotropic Therapy  

Spiritual Coaching

“Change your inner world and create a new outer reality!”

I who have died, am alive again today.”
I found myself in a deep, dark place.
A place so dark – no light – no future- no joy.
I did not trust anyone, not even myself.
I found myself drinking too much, not caring about the consequences.
I was on a road of self-destruction.
The people I love the most became strangers.
It was with doubt that I started the sessions with Juan and my partner had even more doubt.
Today I find myself in a different place – joyful, loving and caring.
I look at life in a different way.
I look at myself in a different way.
I love myself.
I love my children.
I love my partner.
I do not need wine anymore.
I see opportunities every day.
I love being alive and being positive.
I moved from a zero to a hero.
Thank you Juan!
PS. I do not have to go to a rehab!!”
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