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anger therapy

Anger Therapy

You are unable to control your anger!!! You just totally lose it, you totally freak out and are unable to control your rage!

You hate yourself when this happens and realise that you need to control your anger but somehow you are not able to. The good news is as a Transformation Coach I can help you to permanently gain control over bouts of anger!!

Defining Aggression

Aggression is described as the aggressive behaviour directed at yourself and/or others. Aggression and anger not only impairs your ability to function optimally but also leads to relationship problems.  The lack of control over your anger affects all those you come into contact with and these people will start to avoid contact with you and eventually, in the case of family members, leave you.

If you are in business your anger impacts upon your clients and colleagues and they will avoid contact with you.

We say that people are aggressive if they yell at others, they are rude, cut off cars in traffic (road rage),  when they smash their fists in frustration, are short-tempered in their daily interaction with others.
anger therapy

Pre-cursors to Aggressive Behaviour

Lack of control of the following emotional states have been identified to lead to aggression and the inability of the individual to control his/her anger:

Always wanting to be right
Embedded Emotions of Anger
Suppressed Emotions of Shame
Emotions of Fear
Suppressed Gestalt Emotions of  Anger (sometimes present from youth – click on the tab for Negative Emotional Therapy to find out more )
Wanting Control over Others
Frustration and Suppressed Aggression

I Can Help You !!
anger therapy
Should you recognise or display any of above-mentioned characteristics or emotions I am are able you to, through the use of the recognised techniques of ANGER THERAPYTM  and NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL THERAPYTM  permanently remove these negative traits and assist you to manage your anger.

With my Life Success Transformation Coaching, I will take you through a combination of tried and tested therapeutic processes proven to produce the desired outcome – To be totally in CONTROL of your anger and your life.

Can you imagine a life where you will always be able to be to control your anger?

I will put you in the position where you will no longer experience outbursts of anger that cloud your judgments and influence your actions?

You will be totally in control of your life.
anger therapy

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